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Dollar General Application

Dollar General Application   Employment at Dollar General

Dollar General is actively seeking veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan to join their teams at stores, distribution centers and the corporate office.  They support the troops in more than words by opening the doors and providing employment from entry-level to management positions.  The company’s founder was illiterate until he was an adult.  As a result, literacy and education is an important part of the Dollar General mission.  Training all their associates is part of their goal as a responsible member of the community and they offer special incentives in these areas especially for our veterans.  If you are an Iraq or Afghanistan War Veteran looking for a new career opening, get started today with a Dollar General application in English or Spanish.

Dollar General Online Job Application

Submitting a Dollar General Online Application form is easy and quick when you go to the site listed below.  Dollar General is adding new stores monthly across the U.S. and associates, managers and warehouse personnel are needed to operate them.  The Dollar General online application link listed below will get you started on your way to financial wellness.

Download and print the Dollar General Application here.

Dollar General Application

Minimum Age for Employment at Dollar General

In general, the minimum age for employment at Dollar General is 18.  If you are at least  18 years old and would like to be considered for employment, submit a Dollar General job application form online today.

Dollar General Hours of Operation

Dollar General Stores’ hours of operation differ according to location.  Contact the store of interest near you for exact information.

Entry-Level Dollar General Careers and Income

Dollar General careers always begin when you take the first step and submit a Dollar General application today.  All employees participate in keeping the store successful. Dollar General is actively requesting Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who are seeking positions to submit their applications for consideration as soon as possible.  The following team members are only a few of the current positions needed for entry-level workers.

Sales associates and cashiers are needed in the south, southwest and northeast areas where new stores are opening every month.

Distribution center associates are being sought in the northeast and Midwest regions.

Assistant Managers and training assistants are needed across the nation as those with experience move upward into new positions.

If you are bilingual, it should be noted on your application.  For immediate consideration, fill out and submit a Dollar General Online Application.

Dollar General Careers in Management

With over 800 stores opening in 2012 in the U.S., Dollar General is in need of store managers, district managers, logistic specialists, distribution center managers and office people at the corporate headquarters.

Store managers are responsible for the operation of the store including motivating team spirit, training employees, ordering product as well as hiring and firing.  Qualifications include excellent leadership experiences, communication skills and exceptional interpersonal skills with employees and customers.

Store managers in California must comply with all percentage of actual work hours in keeping with California law.

Assistant store managers are expected to step in and take over a store on a moment’s notice if necessary.  As a result, assistants must possess the same basic qualifications as a store manager.

District managers are expected to motivate all the store associates and managers that they oversee.  District manager positions are currently available in some areas.

To submit your resume and Dollar General employment application, go to the career site and the appropriate section.

Basic Tips for Applying at Dollar General

Distribution centers often need those who are experienced with large equipment including forklifts.  If you have skills at driving or repairing large equipment, please note this on your application.

All associates and managers are expected to work together to make their store the best in their area.  Dollar General is seeking those who have the ability to inspire and motivate other employees to become greater than they believed that they could be.

If you are lacking some of the required skills but have others that may compensate for those, put your best foot forward and promote your abilities.

In order that you have ample time to think about the answers on your application, find missing addresses and make certain that all information is included. After you fill out your Dollar General application, wait 24 hours and review it again before you submit it.

You would be surprised at how often contact information on applications is wrong.  Numbers are transposed or employer addresses are wrong.  To avoid losing a hiring opportunity, check your Dollar General application form to ensure that your address, telephone number, email address and other pertinent information is spelled correctly.

If there are areas that do not apply, fill it with “n/a” to assure the interviewer that you have read the form rather than overlooked areas.

Dollar General is a drug free employer.  Expect to take drug tests if requested.  In some nations, drug testing is not part of the requirement for applicants or employees.

Regardless of the initial location that you may be applying to, if you have some unique or important skills that can make you more valuable to Dollar General, include them on your application.  These include military service, being bilingual, and ability to drive a forklift, experience as an event coordinator or window design expertise.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Dollar General

The most successful businesses today are those that encourage community interaction with volunteerism.  Dollar General participates in several.  Think how you can add to the programs that they already support or how you would be willing to expand on them.

Review the entire Dollar General website for information about the charities and community activities that occur in your area.  Know the name of the founder and the current owner of the company.  Go prepared and show that you are interested in the company.

Before you go for an interview, spruce up your manners.  Use please and thank you.  Shake hands when meeting and say “It’s nice to meet you”.  Wait for the interviewer to show you where to sit.  Simple politeness to all that you encounter in the store should be high on your list.

When you go for your first interview, remember:  you only have one chance to make a first impression.  Even though the Dollar General dress code is “casual business”, it does not mean that wearing stained, ripped or wrinkled clothing is acceptable.  Dress accordingly and do not wear tennis shoes.

If you are a veteran, call your local veteran support group or email them and ask for any special tips that will land you the job over others who have been in the work force.  One quality that is often overlooked by our vets is “loyalty”.  Today’s young people lack that quality more often than not and become job jumpers.

If you are a military vet or service member soon to be leaving the military, stress your experience as part of a team and any ability you may have at motivating others to get things done.  Use specific examples to demonstrate your pride in yourself.

Dollar General prides itself on seeking diversity in the work place.  They encourage all ethnic backgrounds to join their team and develop their own careers.

Be prepared to take a drug test if you are asked.

Remember that anything you have on your Facebook, blog or any other social media site is part of your employment interview and will be subject to review.  Remove those posts and comments that might not be flattering to your attitude.

Most employers do a credit check when hiring employees.  If you have a credit problem issue, let the interviewer know about it rather than finding it and explain why it happened.

If you have a desire to advance your career into management and lack the required education, ask that the interviewer suggest a method and assist you in laying out a path for you to fulfill your goals eventually.  You might be surprised how helpful managers and district managers are in supporting your pathway to success.

Benefits at Dollar General

Dollar General employees that are full-time, regular employees qualify for health care benefits in several forms.  Standard medical, dental and vision care with prescription drug coverage is offered.  There are a number of Wellness Programs that Dollar General supports through its corporate offices and there is also a flexible spending health account option.   If you are looking for an opportunity to work for a company that respects your need for health coverage, submit a Dollar General application online form at the link provided.  For those interested, Dollar General does offer a 401(k) retirement account and work reward benefits.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Dollar General

If you are a returning vet, you know how difficult it is to get back into the mainstream work force today.  Knowing something “extra” about Dollar General – some little tidbit – that you can share with the interviewer, can be the only thing that gets you over that line and hired.  Doing the extra homework about the company, searching for new stories and following stock market reports can be the icing on the cake for you.  Here are a few just to get you started.

Dollar General’s mission is to serve the community with substance and simplicity in its store processes, merchandising techniques and prices.

Dollar General is classified as a small-box discount store and provides store sizes that are convenient for customers to use while offering name brand products at the lowest possible price point.

Dollar General is interested in community involvement wherever it is located.  The company encourages all employees to volunteer in their community with reading and literacy programs and teaching English proficiency skills to new immigrants who desire the assistance.

On April 13, 2012, Dollar General officially became part of the White House’s “Joining Forces” initiative to employ returning vets.  This came after a long-term privately held mission to encourage and train returning service members and their families.

On March 30, 2012, Dollar General opened its 10,000th store in Merced, California.

Effective March 19, 2012, Greg A. Sparks is the Executive Vice President in charge of store operations.  In addition to taking charge of all operations of store functions, he will have a strong input on the decisions of store development as the company continues to grow.

Rick Dreilling is the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Dollar General.

In February, Dollar General launched an essay contest for kids called “Our Pets, Our Heroes”.  The winners were to be chosen on March 25th and the four grand-prize winners received a $5,000 award.  In addition, there were four $1,000 prizes and four $250 prize winners.

On February 1, 2012, Dollar General awarded four Nevada elementary schools a $1,000 cash benefit from its Dollar General Literacy Foundation fund.  All four schools were in North Las Vegas and were considered to be in poorer neighborhoods.

In January, Dollar General started selling Butcher’s Select Dog Food.  This is a high-quality premium dog food and expands the offerings in their dog food product line.

Dollar General added over 1300 jobs to California on opening its new stores in the state.  Until this year, Dollar General had no presence in California at all.  More Stores are to follow.

New stores for the northwest region are on the list for 2012, as well.

On December 7, 2011, Dollar General donated a check in the amount of $100,000 to the U.S. Marine Corps Toys-for-Tots program.  The company’s long standing support of military and all their families is exemplified in this exhibition of generosity.

To access the Dollar General Online Application directly, click here.

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