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Target Application

Target Application    Employment at Target

Target has made it one of their primary missions from the beginning to give back to the communities they serve. Five percent of all store income goes to the local communities in the form of grants, and community projects. The Target culture is team-oriented from top to bottom.  If you wish to submit an application for Target, and begin a rewarding career, click on the link provided.   Nearly all large corporations state that they hire the handicapped in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.  Target goes a step further.  Out of respect for all people, Target will provide any needed assistance, on request, for the disabled in filling out a Target application in English or Spanish.

Apply for Target Jobs

On the Target website below, there are separate individual pages dedicated to a Target online application.  There are areas for Graduate Students, Internships, Hourly Wage Earners, Experienced Professionals and Pharmacy applicants.  In addition, if you wish to apply for openings in Canada or India there are links to those jobs as well.  The stores in Canada will begin opening in 2013 with stores in every Province on schedule now.  For management applicants, this is the time to get in on the Target method of doing things and begin training for your own positions in Canada in 2013.

Para una solicitud en línea de Target en español, vaya a las páginas en español.  Tanto en las tiendas como en los centros de distribución, en Target se ofrecen trabajos en los que se paga por hora. Puede solicitar esos trabajos aquí.

Minimum Age for Employment at Target

In general, the minimum age to submit a Target job application is 18 for entry-level jobs.  In some areas of the U.S. and Canada, the minimum age is only 16 for limited hours.  However, Target does offer a variety of jobs where the age minimums vary.  The minimum age may also vary by state or country of employment.  Stores in Canada will begin opening in late March and early April of 2013.  For immediate consideration for one of the positions and further information, submit a Target job application form online today.

Target Hours of Operation

Target stores in the United States open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 10:00 p.m. every day of the week. Stores in Canada and India operate during the hours that are culturally acceptable and in compliance with national laws.

Entry-Level Target Careers and Income

Target careers can begin with an entry-level position.  Positions are available at Target stores, in the distribution center and at corporate headquarters.  The typical entry-level position starts at minimum wage on an hourly basis.  These jobs include stock clerks, cashiers, distribution center packers, and customer service and office workers.  To begin a career with Target at the entry-level position, fill out and submit a Target application today.

Target Careers in Management

Target offers several management careers for those who qualify.  These include experienced professional managers who are seeking to work for a company that insists on a culture of assistance and community service.  There are openings for both English and Spanish speakers in the United States and Canada.  There are openings in India as well for bilingual applicants.

For college students, there are entry-level jobs in management on an hourly basis and internships for those who would like to learn while they earn in the corporate environment.  If you are a graduate or working on your MBA, Target accommodates your schedule.

Currently, Distribution Center Management team members are needed as Target prepares to open additional stores throughout the U.S. in 2012 and stores and distribution centers in Canada beginning in late 2012 into the spring of 2013.

Pharmacists are needed in many stores across the country and career fairs are taking place across the U.S. at Colleges of Pharmacy.  Check out the career fairs in your area at the link below.

Income is dependent on experience, education, bilingual skills and location of employment.  To submit your resume and Target employment application, go to the career site and the appropriate section.

Basic Tips for Applying at Target

It is advisable to fill out the Target application and then save it for 24 hours before you submit it.  This allows you time to mentally review the application and add any significant information you may have left out by accident.

Always check your Target application form to ensure that your address, telephone number, email address and other pertinent information is spelled correctly.

Be certain to fill out all the blank spaces on the application that apply to you.  If there are areas that do not apply, fill it with “n/a” to assure the interviewer that you have read the form rather than overlooked areas.

Expect to take drug tests if requested.  In some nations, drug testing is not part of the requirement for applicants or employees.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Target

When you go for an interview, keep in mind the particular job that you are seeking to get and dress appropriately.  If you are a female applying for a cashier position, dress in nice slacks or a skirt at knee-length with tops that are not low cut.  Males should dress in slacks, not jeans, and polo or button-down shirts.  Wear regular shoes not tennis shoes.  Make sure that all clothing is clean and unwrinkled with no tears or stains.

Check out the Target website for community volunteer activities that are held in your area.  Either go to one of them or read about those in other areas.  If there are some that you would like to suggest as a community activity for the Target store to which you are interviewing, make mention of it during your interview.  This is true for all applicants – not just managerial positions.

Remember to shake hands with the interviewer and be polite.  It is important to be both pleasant and respectful without appearing “needy” or frightened.

Give examples on your application form of things that you have done as a “team player” that you are proud of doing.  If this is playing on a sports team where you shared the win with another player or in an office where you and another member of the office worked together on a special project, mention it.  Then, during your first interview mention a second “team” experience that you feel good about.  Show the interviewer that the incident on the application was not an “accident”.

Read everything you can about Target before you go for any interview.  Who is the CEO and what do you find interesting about him?  Have they hired someone in an executive position lately that would be one of your direct bosses or who may visit the store?

Be prepared to answer the question:  What can you add to the Target team if you are hired?  This may be phrased as “Why do you want to work at Target?”  In both cases, the interviewer wants to know how much you know about the company and how you will contribute to the environment.

Benefits at Target

Benefits vary according to position, location, and qualifications for benefits.  For entry-level, hourly employees who are scheduled more than 32 hours a week on a regular basis, benefits include health insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation and sick time off.  For management level positions, there are additional benefits including profit sharing, company travel reimbursement, and retirement plans.

One of the benefits in working for a global retailer includes the ability to transfer to new locations across the world if you choose.  For the adventurous and upward mobile executive, the advantages of international experience expand their value as an employee.  To grab this opportunity, submit a Target application online form at the link provided.

For specific information about benefits, ask your interviewer in the first meeting for details.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Target

With the competition for good jobs and productive careers, applicants need to enter their first interview with as much information about the company as possible.  The more you know about the company and industry to which you are applying, the better your chances of getting to the next interview.  While knowing bits of information does not guarantee you a position, it does provide you the edge that makes the difference when the final decisions are made.  Here are some useful and interesting facts about the company that you can work into your interviews.

Target is opening several new stores in the United States in 2012.   Included in the list is a new store in Escondido, California, set to open in October 2012.  This store will employ an estimated 200 people.  The store will not only carry their general merchandise, but will include meat, produce and prepackaged baked goods.  Attend the job fairs Target is participating in for two months prior to opening.  You may apply online or at the job fair.

Target is opening outlets in Canada for the first time beginning in 2013.  For those interested in working at these stores, now is the time to submit an application for Target and get your foot in the door.  Target has confirmed that they are opening 76 stores across Canada including 32 in Ontario and 13 in Alberta starting in March/April 2013.

Target donated over $15,000 in relief aid to the victims of the recent tornado outbreak in the Dallas area.  Target employees were among the volunteers that jumped in to assist with helping the community clean-up, too.

Target is sponsoring free admission every 3rd Sunday for 2012 at the Minnesota Children’s Museum in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  The museum will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and all children and family members can roam the museum for no admission.

In keeping with Target’s mission to open the experience of art and culture to the communities, Target is sponsoring First Sunday of the Month Free Admission to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

If you are in Seattle or know someone who is, Target is sponsoring a Family Fun Day every 3rd Saturday of the month at the Wing Luke Museum.  This is a great opportunity for a family outing with a bit of culture splashed in.

Friday nights at the Museum of Modern Art at 11 West 53rdStreet in New York City are free from 4 to 7 p.m. The museum has special exhibitions each month with audio guides.

Target accepts grant applications for arts and cultural experiences for schools between March 1 and April 30 each year.  These grants are $2,000 and are decided on the culture and design activity described, the location of the school and the need of the children in the area.  Notification is made in September of each year to grant winners.

Target corporation respects the needs for educational opportunity for all children.  In keeping with that mission, they work with Heart of America to restore and refurbish school libraries across the country.  Since 2007 when Target began this community service, they have completed more than 110 libraries.  Kids without resources cannot advance no matter how smart they are.

You may not know it but Target sponsors field trips, books and computers among other things in its community program tagged Take Charge of Education.  Along with this program, Target employees volunteer to assist with reading, tutoring and field trip activities in their off hours.

Major General James M. Milano, a three-tour vet of the Iraq War, is now an executive with Target Corp.  as of April 10, 2012.

Beginning in 2003, a hoax against Target’s community activity and policies toward veterans went viral online.  In spite of Target’s attempt to respond to the accusations, there are still some that believe the allegations are true.  They are not.  Target sponsors many events and activities for veterans.

Target has been paying dividends to common shareholders every quarter since 1967.  Unlike many large corporations, Target’s investors do receive their dividend checks and the dividend for the last quarter is to be paid on June 10, 2012.

Target has selected Teradata out of Dayton, Ohio to update and install their platform as their active data warehouse.

As of March 2012, Target will no longer sell sandblasted wearing apparel in its stores.  This global initiative includes such name brands as Levi-Strauss and Gucci.

To access the Target Online Application directly, click here.

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