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The WalmartCorporation operates more than ten thousand retail stores in twenty-seven countries, and employs more than two million employees, so your Walmart job application puts you in a position to join a robust and well-structured worldwide employment opportunity.  Since its founding in Arkansas half a century ago, the company has become one of the premier superstores in the United States and elsewhere, drawing the loyal patronage of millions of people who appreciate the consistently low prices, wide selection of products, and the ability to do every type of shopping with a single stop. If you are interested in a job at one of the best retail giants, then a Walmart online job application is definitely the place to start. With so many stores and branches operating all over the U.S. you will not have problems finding a suitable position for your skillset.

At the moment, Walmart positions can be claimed with the help of online applications (which can be found on or by filling out the printable version of the application. You can seek Walmart employment either with the Logistics division, within the store, or in Sam’s store. Other career options include corporate and eCommerce careers in different locations such as Miami, Philadelphia, Utah, Las Vegas, NY, Bentonville, Dallas, even Canada, and many more.

But before you submit your Walmart application online you might want to know why so many people want to work here. For one thing, there is the large workforce, as we already mentioned. Another thing to be considered is the attractive packages offered even to seasonal employees. Lastly, all Walmart employees benefit from flexible working schedules because most stores are open around the clock, and shifts can be organized according to an individual’s needs. Unlike other careers, Walmart careers actually offer the opportunity for advancement based on performance. The company prefers to promote from within, and it would not be the first time that we see a cashier or greeter obtain a position in a management job.

Walmart is hiring at a location near you!

The founder, Sam Walton, espoused a personal philosophy of “Save money, live better,” and his stores enable people to do exactly that, even on a tight budget. Walmart stores offer clothing and shoes, jewelry and accessories, medications, health products and home pharmacy supplies, makeup and personal care products, furniture and household items, electronics, automotive and hardware items, toys, pet care products, crafts, sewing, and cleaning supplies, along with full-service pharmacies, groceries and delis (at the “super center” installations which are increasingly common), financial services,  photographic services, phone plans and electronic services.

Many locations also offer in-store vision centers, banks, hair salons, and automotive service centers.  In short, Walmart is the go-to shopping destination for millions of Americans (and others around the world) and the thriving nature of the business guarantees ongoing employment, as well as opportunities in a number of service capacities.

Starting a career at this company is extremely simple. All you have to do is check out the page, find a suitable position that you can fill and sending in your Walmart application online. You will have to wait a while until you are selected by the hiring team. If you are considered eligible for the job, you will receive a call and set-up an interview.

Walmart also operates a discount membership store called Sam’s Club, which offers products in bulk sizes and at steep discounts with club membership.  Operating on a similar model to club stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club also provides store-brand items which are carried in the regular Walmart stores.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Walmart’s employee management philosophy is the “teamwork” approach to store operation. In other words, if you are not a team-player you should think twice before submitting your Walmart application. A shopper arriving during shift-change might see the gathered group of employees meeting for change-of-shift communication, and pitching in with a team cheer or other display of enthusiasm for their jobs.

Walmart Online Job Application

Walmart provides online access to its job application process. In order to access it you will have to follow the instructions on the home-page: A Walmart job application form is available online for every open position.  From the “Careers” page, you can choose any of the available job categories, or you can search for a job and its Walmart application form by location or keyword. Before submitting your Walmart application you should be prepared to dedicate approximately 30 to 40 minutes of your time for the task.

The good news is that if you cannot finish it all at once you can save and do it later. Your draft will be saved for up to sixty days. Currently, the Walmart application is available in English and espanol. In addition to this, if you have a disability you can go to your nearest store and request assistance. A manager will be more than happy to answer all your questions and offer you tips to help you complete the process.

Minimum Age for Employment at Walmart

At most locations, anyone of age sixteen or older may submit a Walmart application.  Individual stores may have more restrictive age guidelines, however, so you should check with your local store if you are between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.

Walmart Hours of Operation

Most Walmart stores stay open around the clock, with a few exceptions like Christmas Day.  Others close overnight, with operating hours such as from eight in the morning until ten at night.  One of Walmart’s points of appeal to its customers is accessibility and availability–which can translate for employees to a work schedule full of flexible options.  When you submit your Walmart application, you should note any special scheduling requests, and the store will be happy to work around a school schedule or similar commitment.

Entry-Level Walmart Careers and Income

Walmart Careers: sales associate, manager, greeter, maintenance associate, pharmacy job, store manager, assistant store manager, warehouse job, trucking job, cart retriever, optometrist, electronics sales associate,bike assembler, Walmart distribution center jobs, Walmart stocking jobs, housekeeping associate, money centers associate

The company requires minimal experience to offer employment. Take this under careful consideration before filling out your Walmart online application ( In general, entry-level positions are only available for easy jobs.Corporate jobs with Walmart include jobs in the categories of technology, financial and internal audit services, merchandising and replenishment of products, marketing and communications, corporate affairs, logistics and supply chain, asset protection, human resources and benefits, real estate and store planning, and legal.  Entry level and hourly positions within the individual stores include cashier and customer service, stockers, greeters, and customer service agents in various departments of the stores.

For store positions, you can choose a general application for in-store hourly positions and click the blue “Apply” button to start your Walmart online application.  The distribution centers and transportation system hire stockers, warehouse workers, and drivers.  At the corporate level, the company employs the services of marketing and advertising associates, tech support, administrative assistants, accountants, and other logistical support positions. The eCommerce branch of Walmart–handling online ordering from the Walmart website– is based in California and handles online customer accounts, online payments, and the shipping and tracking of the goods themselves.

Positions in the eCommerce branch are high-tech in nature, including software engineering and product management, customer operations, finance positions, information technology and technical support, online site merchandising, and online marketing.  The complete list of entry-level positions for which you can submit an application for Walmart includes additional areas like manufacturing and production, restaurant and food service, automotive services, baker and food preparation at in-store delis, and maintenance work.

Entry-level jobs begin at minimum wage–an amount that varies with location–but employees have many opportunities for training and advancement to increase their pay and invest in their careers.  Future Walmart managers are often “groomed” while working in hourly positions, as Walmart believes strongly in promoting from within, and developing its own employee resources within the existing team.

Walmart is also well known for its open hiring policies regarding people with disabilities and challenges.  Positions such as the greeter (who welcomes shoppers, answers questions, and processes items being returned for exchange or refund) are frequently filled by people with disabilities, because a wheelchair or physical challenge doesn’t impede a person’s ability to perform this particular job.

Walmart Careers for Greeters

Walmart is always in need of employees to ensure that high-quality services are provided to customers. One of the simplest entry-level Walmart career is that of a greeter. Nearly all stores have greeters that meet customers as they enter. In general, a greeter will also assist a client with cart selection, discuss about coupons and discounts, and guide him to a specific area of the store. There are also other duties that a greeter must fulfill, depending on store necessities.

They include, but are not limited to maintenance, cleaning entryways, departments or even restrooms, and other assigned tasks. Although Walmart offers employment opportunities for entry-level candidates, it will offer competitive salary options and employment benefits, like 401 (k) retirement, health insurance, dental care etc., for qualified greeters. Make sure you meet the requirements before sending in your Walmart online application.

Walmart Careers as Stock Associates

Stock associate responsibilities involve moderate-to-heavy labor. Make sure you are prepared to work long and difficult hours before you send in your Walmart job application. To be considered for the job you should be able to unload shipments, carry objects in excess of 50 pounds, construct displays and operate heavy machinery (like forklifts). Walmart is hiring many stock associates and it is paying them very well (starter salaries pay around minimum age).

Find out more about a Walmart career as a stock associate from

Walmart Careers in Management

Walmart managers often begin their Walmart careers at an entry-level position, availing themselves of the training opportunities to work their way up the company’s ladder of success.  Managers are needed to oversee different departments and areas of operation within each store.  Store managers are also needed to take on the complex responsibilities of running the store as a whole.  A Walmart employment application for any of these positions, accompanied by your professional resume, can set you up with the security of a high starting salary, and the prospect of earning much more with added bonuses and incentives, not to mention raises as you gain experience and seniority.

Depending on cost of living and local economy, Walmart assistant store managers start in the salary range of forty thousand dollars per year, and can make sixty-five thousand or more as they add years of experience and training.  Store managers start at sixty thousand dollars annually, and can move into the six-figure range with time and experience.  The regional market manager might start at close to 150 thousand dollars annually, and can make as much as four hundred thousand at the top end of the scale.

Walmart Career as Sales Associate

Sales associates are vital members of a Walmart store. They are responsible with customer service, locating products, organizing shelves, price-checking items and other. In general, job seekers with experience as sales associates have more chances to receive a follow-up on their Walmart online application. If you want to pass your interview you should have knowledge about services, card procedures, products and policies. Experienced sales associates receive complimentary uniforms, great pay, discounts for merchandise, and the opportunity for career advancement.

Walmart Career as a Cashier

Positions as cashiers are always open for enthusiastic job seekers. The key duties of a Walmart cashier concerns several aspects of customer service. To have your Walmart application online considered, you must have cashier knowledge. In other words, you must know how to apply discounts, process payments, fill-out forms, scan coupons and ring up sales on cash registers. In general, a new cashier will work part-time and receive hourly pay, but options for full-time schedules become available quickly. Cashiers usually work at checkout aisles and store frontends. The average earning is reported to be 11.00-12.00$ hourly.

Basic Tips for Applying at Walmart

The main “Careers” page of the Walmart website allows you to select a branch of Walmart service from among the options of corporate jobs, in-store jobs, WalmarteCommerce support, logistical support positions, pharmacy and optometry, global sourcing, and Sam’s Club jobs, with a link to the Walmart application online for every available position.

From the Careers page, click the “Search Jobs & Apply” tab at the top of the screen.  You can select your own location as well as set parameters for employment type (full time, part time, or seasonal), and job categories, offered as a long list.  You can include keywords and then search for currently open positions.

When you begin a Walmart application online form for any position, you will be asked to create a login which you can use to complete and submit multiple applications, and to check on the status of existing applications.  The application itself will present a series of screens with prompts for you to provide the relevant information for your application.

The Walmart Careers page also offers an email employment newsletter, for which you can sign up to receive up-to-date career information in your inbox.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Walmart

Although it is possible to start a Walmart job application and finish it within 60 days, the sooner you complete it, the better. To become an applicant you must first create an online account with Walmart’s career center. Remember your login username, password and personal identification number.

If you click the “Career Areas” tab of the Walmart Website’s “Careers” page, the menu at the left side of the screen includes the different generalized areas of employment. The “Stores/Clubs” heading has two sub-headings below it: Hourly Career Opportunities, and Management Career Opportunities. On the management page, descriptions of the management responsibilities and the unique team culture are accompanied by brief descriptions of the Walmart field management hierarchy.Do you think that your beliefs match those of the company, and you have enough experience to prove useful? Then fill-out the Walmart online job application form and try for a job.

Individual store locations need store managers (to direct the store’s overall operations, employees, and customer satisfaction), assistant managers (to oversee sales and associates in a designated department or area of the store) and shift managers (to facilitate communication among departments and employees during assigned shifts).  For regional areas, the market manager focuses on sales and business growth across several stores in the assigned area.

In applying for a management position with Walmart, you should prepare to submit a resume in addition to your online application form.  Numerous resume templates can be found online to help you create one if you don’t have one started already; the resume will contain information like your job history and education, relevant skills and trainings, and of course your contact information so Walmart can call you for an interview.

Benefits at Walmart

Walmart associates enjoy a full package of benefits, both financial and wellness-related. When your Walmart application results in a job as an associate, you can enjoy the health plan designed with input from the employees themselves.  Each associate can choose between the Health Reimbursement Account plan (or HRA) or the high-deductible plan linked to a Health Savings Account (or HSA).  With each of these plans, preventive care by a designated network health care provider is fully covered, with no out-of-pocket cost, and no lifetime maximum on the coverage.

Dependents up to the age of twenty-six can be included in any employee’s plan, and dependents under nineteen will not be limited by any preexisting condition.

After meeting the deductible, eighty percent of eligible medical services are covered, with four dollar options on more than two thousand prescription drugs.  Employees also enjoy dental insurance, life insurance paid entirely by Walmart, optional life insurance (including for dependents), critical illness as well as accident insurance, long-term and short-term disability insurance, and an associate eye wear program to cover vision expenses.

Full-time employees get sick days as well as paid vacation days, company-matched contributions to a 401(K) retirement plan, membership at the Sam’s Club discount store, a company stock purchase plan with company matching, and a ten percent Associate Discount Card for Walmart purchases (which can be used by spouses and dependents as well as associates).

Part-time as well as full-time crew members can take advantage of these great benefits. In addition to sick days, retirement plans, and HRA/HAS plans, employees may also receive paid training and enjoy an upbeat work environment. The Online Associate Discount Center also offers up to 375 discounts for everything ranging from automobiles to wireless plans or travel options.

Walmart Associates also receive an online login at “,” where they can check their hours and work schedule, communicate with co-workers, and track benefits such as sick days and vacation days remaining, contributions to the 401(K), insurance information, bonuses, and more.

Walmart Interview Tricks & Hiring Process

Now that you know how to apply at Walmart, you are probably asking yourself what you can do after you apply at Walmart. The answer is simple: wait until you receive a follow-up call or email. In general, a Walmart job applicant will receive an answer via email within a week of reception. You can also check out the status of your Walmart application by making a call (you can benefit from on-the-spot hiring, but try not to harass hiring personnel).

Walmart is arguably the most recognizable retailer in the world; therefore, it will offer employment opportunities for qualified individuals. Luckily for you, there are countless of Walmart stores everywhere, maybe even in your neighborhood. A few examples of locations include Las Vegas, NY, AZ, CA, TX and NJ. Browse through the section to find job openings near you. Anyway, the process might take a while so you should arm yourself with patience. Once you have completed and sent out the form you must prepare for your interview.

Walmart uses innovative and traditional methods of interviewing its new works. The typical Walmart hiring process lasts between 3 and 5 days, from the moment you fill out administrative paperwork. Interview formats include group meetings and one-on-one discussions. There is also a more ‘unconventional’ interview type, called the ‘board game’ job interview, where candidates must move spaces and pick up playing cards with information about the company or industry that you can ask other players.

You should expect interviewers to ask you about personal and professional achievements, previous employers, job skills, interests and availability. Another thing to note is that each interview centers around the desired position. If you are interested in logistics, you should have knowledge about the field. You may also be asked to complete a test for Spanish, en, or your desired specialization. Don’t wait for the interview to happen, make it your mission to find out how you can ace it. You will discover plenty of interesting information by accessing the portal to the official page.

In general, a recruiting manager will give you a sign if he is interested in hiring you, even if he will ask you to wait several days for an official answer. Lastly, Interviews should be attended in formal wear. Look in the eyes of your interviewer, be honest and talk to him freely about your passions and skillset.

Now that this is clear, let’s take a look at some of the most common Walmart Interview Questions and Answers:

  1. Why did you choose to work at Walmart?
  2. How flexible is your schedule?
  3. Have you ever exceeded your manager’s expectations? How?
  4. Why should Walmart hire you?
  5. Would you give a customer a discount if he asked for it? Why?
  6. What does customer service mean to you?
  7. Describe a time when a customer came to you with a problem and how did you handle it.
  8. What services should a supercenter offer?
  9. Do you have experience in the sales or customer service environment?
  10. Have you heard about the Walmart foundation?
  11. Two of your co-workers are having an argument.  One is from your department and the other from another department. How would you handle the situation?
  12. What would you do if a co-worker would systematically turn up late for work?

If your answers to the Walmart interview questions correctly, your resume, together with the Walmart job application will be reviewed by the staff and you will be asked to take the pre-employment test or the logistics pre-employment assessment test. If you fail it, you have to wait 60 days before being able to take it again. Walmart pre-employment assessment tests have 65 questions broken down in 4 sections (Multiple choice questions about customer and employee relations, work related situations, self-analysis questions and past experience from previous job quality standards).

Useful and Interesting Facts about Walmart

Walmart extends a special helping hand to veterans seeking employment.  On the “Military” page of the Walmart Career Center online, you can select your military job to see how your skills could translate into a corporate or management position with Walmart.  The company recognizes the top-quality training and work ethic of military personnel (and values veterans’ contributions to our country)–and Walmart itself is listed by G.I. Jobs as one of the top 100 Military-Friendly Employers.

Walmart embraces renewable resources and foundations which aim to make life better for people.  The stores continually work to increase energy-efficiency, both in their own operations, and by making energy-conscious choices of suppliers and products.  The Walmart Foundation’s involvement with Toys for Tots, USAID and Mercy Corps, Fighting Hunger Together food donation program, the Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative, Walmart Foundation Scholarship programs, international disaster relief efforts, and more than a hundred other causes–along with the presence of products like Fair Trade Coffee on store shelves–speak to this stellar social commitment.

Walmart connects with its customers by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, offering deals and discounts, product information, recipe ideas, book suggestions, and updates on career opportunities.

For anyone looking for a job that will enable them to travel, Walmart International offers opportunities around the world.  Walmart stores in other countries take on different characteristics, with formats and styles suited to local customs and needs.  Jobs are waiting in twenty-seven countries, from sub-Saharan Africa to Central and South America and elsewhere.

To access the Walmart Online Application directly, click here.

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