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McDonalds Application

McDonald’s Application   Employment at McDonald’s

McDonald’s corporation, recognizable around the world for its iconic “Golden Arches,” has proven its staying power for more than half a century.  Its menu items include the iconic Big Mac and Quarter Pounder hamburgers, french fries and thick milkshakes, and breakfast foods like the Egg McMuffin.  The restaurant has continued to change and evolve with the times and with its customers’ preferences, expanding to include items such as fresh salads, wrap sandwiches, and low-calorie dining options. Even in times of economic upheaval, McDonald’s has continued to grow and thrive, making a McDonald’s job application a very solid investment in your professional future.  The company can offer job security, scheduling flexibility, training and advancement opportunities, and a chance to work nearly anywhere in the world.  After all, with more than thirty-three thousand restaurants in one hundred and twenty countries, serving sixty-eight million people per day, McDonald’s clearly has a booming business where you can be assured of steady employment!

Apply At Your Nearest Location Right Online!

McDonald’s Online Job Application

The McDonald’s job application form is available online for application to any location in the United States.  You can begin by selecting your own state, then narrowing your search by categories of “Crew,” “Management,” or “Support,” or go ahead and search all categories.  Every listed job opening includes information about the specific location, pay, benefits, and requirements, and a red “Apply Online” button leading to the McDonald’s application form itself.

Download and print the McDonald’s Application here.

McDonalds Application

Minimum Age for Employment at McDonald’s

McDonald’s hires workers as young as fourteen at some United States locations, but due to the restrictions on working hours for teens under sixteen, not every location hires employees that young.  Depending on local labor laws and individual restaurant policy, the minimum age may be sixteen. You can check the minimum age requirement at the specific location where you intend to submit your McDonald’s application.

McDonald’s Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary from one location to another, particularly when the restaurant itself is located within a larger venue like a shopping mall or airport which dictates the hours.  Having said that, many McDonald’s restaurants are open from early morning (six a.m. or earlier) until late night (midnight or after), which means your McDonald’s application can result in a flexible  schedule, working around your other commitments, such as a school schedule.

Entry Level McDonald’s Careers and Income

Your application for McDonald’s for an entry-level position, such as crew member, will begin at minimum wage (and therefore is determined by the minimum-wage laws of your individual state).  The entry-level position at a McDonald’s restaurant is designated in the position listings and McDonald’s online application as “Crew Member,” either full time or part time, and the responsibilities will range from food preparation to customer service to clean-up.  McDonald’s restaurants make it a point to cross-train their crew members to be able to serve in a variety of capacities, so you will gain the training and experience of every aspect of the business, and feel comfortable filling in for any task, from fryer to front counter to drive-through.

McDonald’s Careers in Management

One of the undeniable perks of McDonald’s careers is the opportunity for growth.  With a robust training program (affectionately referred to as “Hamburger U” by employees who have been through it), McDonald’s invests a great deal in its employee team.  The company believes strongly in promoting from within and developing its own existing workforce into an ever-stronger team, while also availing itself of incoming managers with experience in other facets of the restaurant industry. Whether you are an existing McDonald’s employee or an experienced manager submitting your first McDonald’s employment application, you can be sure you’ll receive the training that will ensure your success, and the benefits suitable to your management station.

Management positions within the McDonald’s company range from swing managers (who may still be paid at hourly rates, but at higher rates than the minimum-wage starting pay of crew members) to assistant managers and store managers.  As a manager, you will be expected to be available to work any shift, but the salaries of full managers generally range from thirty thousand to fifty thousand dollars annually, depending on the local cost of living and the individual’s level of experience.

Basic Tips for Applying at McDonald’s

From the McDonal’ds corporation website, select the “Careers” link and select your state, as well as the job type (Crew, Management, Support, or all three) for which you wish to search.  (Or go directly to the career page at http://www.mcstate.com/careers to make the same selection.)

The list of available positions in your area will be displayed, along with the specific location of the restaurant where that job is located. Click on the hyperlinked job title of any position to view the pay, hours, benefits, and responsibilities, as well as the red “Apply Online” button if you wish to submit a McDonald’s application online for that position.

For each McDonald’s position for which you want to apply (you can apply for as many individual positions as you like), the “Apply Online” button will take you to an interactive McDonald’s application online form.  The very first screen will ask for a “Promotion Code,” and supplies a code which you can use if you haven’t been given one.  (You might already have one if you are responding to a particular employment advertisement, or have talked with a restaurant manager about a position, and been given a particular code for your application.)

After the Promotional Code screen, the online application will guide you through a series of screens collecting information from your name and contact information to your work experiences and references.  Answer the questions as they come up, click “Submit” at the bottom of each screen, and voila! You have just applied to begin your career with McDonald’s!

Advanced Tips for Applying at McDonald’s

If you are applying for a managerial position, your application will probably include some additional elements, most likely including the request that you upload a professional resume.  If you haven’t yet created a resume for yourself, this is a great time to start–knowing that you will be able to continue adding to it as you accumulate training and job experience.  There are a number of easy-to-use resume templates available, both online and within the “templates” of most word-processing programs like Microsoft Word.  At its most essential, the resume is an easy-to-read listing of your education, your work history, your job references, and any other elements (like certifications and trainings) that might be relevant to your employment application–and of course, your contact information! (An essential item, but one that is sometimes forgotten by first-time resume-writers.  You want to be sure a prospective employer can contact you for an interview or a job offer!)

Benefits at McDonald’s

Even entry-level Crew positions at McDonald’s benefit from a solid array of employee perks.  Uniforms, flexible schedules, and employee meal discounts are provided even for part-time employees, and full-time employees (even at entry level) enjoy additional benefits of the McCrew Care Medical Insurance, scholarship opportunities, and the growth potential of the training opportunities within the company itself.  Your McDonald’s application for even an entry-level Crew position provides more than just a paycheck; it’s a solid and reputable job experience, with the opportunity to gain training and experience for future job applications (or for growth and promotion within the company) and the opportunity to work with a diverse and dynamic group of people.

Managers enjoy annual salaries, as well as paid vacation, free employee meals, health, vision, prescription, and dental insurance, a continuing education allowance, life insurance, short-term disability insurance, McDonald’s stock options, and additional incentives like merit reviews, crew service awards, enthusiasm activities, the managerial Gold card (an extensive discount program), and the McResource line, which assists employees with issues ranging from child care and elder care to legal matters, housing, credit counseling, health and nutrition, education opportunities, and more. McDonald’s corporation goes the extra mile to help its employees in the broader context of their lives–not just when they’re “clocked in” at the job site.

For anyone who enjoys travel, or who foresees a move in the near future, another advantage of employment with McDonald’s is the ease with which you can transfer to a similar job at a new location.  With McDonald’s restaurants located in nearly every United States city–and liberally sprinkled across the globe as well–you can be assured that a job will be waiting for you at your destination if you have reason to move.

Useful and Interesting Facts about McDonald’s

As you head into an interview, it serves you well to be able to speak knowledgeably about the company itself.  Demonstrating that you have taken the time to learn about the company will impress your prospective employer with the fact that you’ve done the background research, and that you are truly invested in the opportunity to be employed there.  Knowing specific information about the company also allows you to be able to speak specifically about how you will fit in there, and how your own skills, experience, and background make you an ideal candidate for the position in question. McDonald’s itself hosts an extensive website with information about the company’s history, values, menu, promotions, leadership, and more–so you would do well to do some reading-research before the interview.  Some of the highlights you will find include the following:

McDonald’s restaurant actually had its beginning in 1940, when brothers Mac and Dick McDonald opened a drive-in BBQ restaurant in San Bernadino, California.  Eight years later, they redesigned their restaurant concept and re focused the menu, including only the nine most popular items; namely, the fifteen-cent hamburger and the cheeseburger, beverages (coffee, milk, and soft drinks), pie slices, and potato chips.  The following year, they added milkshakes and replaced potato chips with french fries, for which McDonald’s restaurants are now famous around the world.

In 1954, a traveling salesman named Ray Kroc had a conversation with the McDonald brothers about franchising, and took it into his head that he would take it on.  Kroc opened his first franchise restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois the following year–complete with the now-iconic red roof and golden arches.

As he continued to add locations across the United States, Kroc made a point of standardizing everything about the McDonald’s restaurants he opened, from the menu and ingredients to the friendly service of its employees.  To that end in 1961, he opened a dedicated training facility, called Hamburger University, which trained managers in all the details of running a McDonald’s restaurant, and granted its graduates a “Bachelor of Hamburgerology” degree.

McDonald’s became a publicly traded company on the stock market in 1965, and debuted its first television commercial (introducing the mascot clown Ronald McDonald) in 1966.

The Big Mac joined the McDonald’s menu in 1968, and the Quarter Pounder joined it in 1973.  These two have remained such classics that a whole generation of adults can still chant the television-commercial jingles from their childhood.

McDonald’s has made a community commitment to extend a helping hand to those in need, particularly to children with health issues.  Since 1974, the company has sponsored “Ronald McDonald Houses” near children’s hospitals across the nation, providing families with places to stay when their children are hospitalized with severe illnesses.

Many people can’t imagine life without the Egg McMuffin, but McDonald’s restaurants didn’t feature a breakfast menu until 1975.

The Happy Meal, a kid-sized meal in a decorated lunchbox-type carton, often with a small toy included, was introduced in 1979.

One of the reasons for McDonald’s continued growth and popularity is the fact that is has continued to evolve and change with the times.  Its advertising, as well as its menu, has continued to keep pace with people’s interests and appetites.  As examples, the restaurants added fresh salads in 1987, premium salads in 2003, snack wraps in 2006, espresso drinks in 2009, and frappes and fruit smoothies in 2010.  Many locations now even offer free, wireless internet.

Applying to work with the great team at McDonald’s will set you up with far more than a paycheck.  It’s the beginning of a career, complete with benefits and opportunities!

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