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Taco Bell Application

Taco Bell Application    Employment at Taco Bell

A lot of people have applied to work Taco Bell careers, because they enjoy working in the food service industry. Young high school students, college students and even university graduates have entered careers working for Taco Bell. One of the benefits of working for such a company is that you work for a reputable corporation that everyone in America knows. Another reason to apply for a job with Taco Bell is that you’ll always have work available. Food is always needed by people, so developing your skills in the food service industry will give you marketable job skills you can use anywhere.

You can also enjoy flexible scheduling while working with Taco Bell. This is excellent for people who are raising a family, already have a day job, or even college students. You’ll also receive paid job training. Also, the pay rates are competitive for the food service industry. You have room for growth and opportunities for advancement within the company. You’ll receive various employee benefits, wellness bonuses, health bonuses, and future planning perks.

Some of the future benefits include 401(k) retirement plans. You also have the ability to choose your life insurance options. These can offer you group discounts, medical benefits and other perks. You’ll also be involved in incentive programs, meal discounts, and paid time off. It’s really a great company to work for! So fill out your Taco Bell application online today!

Taco Bell Online Job Application

Interested in a brand new career in the food service industry but don’t know where to find the Taco Bell application online? You can get your start in any Taco Bell careers by visiting their Taco Bell job application here.

Minimum Age for Employment at Taco Bell

You must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to be gainfully employed with Taco Bell. Some locations will employ high school students, starting at the age of 16 with a worker’s permit and permission from parents. So if you are under the age of 18, you must obtain a worker’s permit and get permission from your parents or guardians.

Taco Bell Hours of Operation

While some Taco Bells are open only until midnight, other locations are open twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. There are various locations throughout the nation that will have varying store hours.  In most major cities, the hours of operation go to twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. A lot of the rural areas will have earlier closing times, due to the population not being as large as in major metropolitan areas.

Entry-Level Taco Bell Careers and Income

If you’re interested in starting as an entry-level worker for Taco Bell and you’re thinking about completing the Taco Bell online job application form, then you’ll be pleased to know that Taco Bell often starts new employees out as customer service associates. In this job category, you’ll be assisting in cleaning, cooking, helping customers, and other duties. The longer you work with Taco Bell and do well, the sooner you may find yourself in a managerial position. You even have a chance to work in the administrative portion of the company.

Taco Bell Careers in Management

If you already have management experience, or you’ve got a degree in business administration, then you may be eligible for a management position. Once you download your Taco Bell application online form, you’ll want to be sure to include all the relevant information concerning your management education and experience.  Your application for Taco Bell should be filled out as detailed as possible in this situation.

Management positions within the company include shift lead, assistant manager, and general manager. Supervisors within the company oversee the daily operations of the store, training of associates, scheduling employees, and hiring new associates. The manager usually starts off with anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 a year. This all will depend on educational background, job title and work history. The more experience and skills you have, the higher your pay will most likely be. But don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of experience. You can gain a lot of experience once you are hired with Taco Bell.

Basic Tips for Applying at Taco Bell

One of the main goals of applying for any company position is to make a good impression. A good first impression can boost your chances of getting hired. So the first impression will be from your application for Taco Bell. Your Taco Bell employment application should be filled out neatly, with detailed, but concise information. It’s good to read through the entire application first, so that you can prepare your mind to answer the questions. After you’ve looked over the entire application a couple of times, you can print out a secondary application. The first one you can begin to fill out and if you make any mistakes or want to reword information, you can do that. After you’re done with that, you can then use the second application to start filling it out as a final submission.

Then, after you’ve submitted the application, you will want to follow up with the hiring manager. You can wait approximately a week to hear back. If you haven’t heard anything back in a week’s time, you can then call the individual in charge of interviewing or hiring you. Most likely you’ll get their voice mail, so you can leave a quick message detailing your name, phone number, and that you’re following up on the job lead. Do this approximately once a week for the next several weeks. Supervisors and managers usually get a lot of calls and applications for employment. They do not have time to sit through every single one of them, so the ones that make themselves stand out are the ones that will get the most attention. By calling and following up, you will make yourself more noticeable.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Taco Bell

Some advanced tips for applying with this company include being dressed in business attire when coming in for an interview. This is especially the case if you’re seeking a management position. Men should be dressed neat and clean in a suit and tie. Women should either wear a nice formal dress, skirts, or pant suit. Be sure to bring a copy of your resume and cover letter into the interview, even if you’ve already submitted it previously.

Most often, the submission of the resume may land on someone else’s desk, or may be stored on the computer. Having a hard copy in front of the person, while they are interviewing you can help increase your chances of getting the job. This is because they can glance over your resume as they have you sitting in front of them. They may have more questions about a particular company you worked for. They may want to know what a particular job title really involved. Or they may want to know more about your education, and how long you attended a specific learning institution.

If you have special accomplishments and achievements, then you can also discuss them, while bringing in your resume. You can go into detail about some of the awards or certificates you’ve received. Some people have certificates or awards for perfect attendance, a job well done or other such recognition. This can work towards your favor in getting employed with Taco Bell. Having these kinds of awards lets the future employer know that you are dependable, reliable and that you take pride in your work ethic. This is all important, especially when it comes to a position in management.

Benefits at Taco Bell

There are many benefits associated with a career at Taco Bell. If you qualify, you can take advantage of wellness perks, health benefits, future planning benefits, and more. Health benefits assist you with the cost of health expenses.

You can be eligible for access to discounts, insurance plans, vision, dental, and medical. You may also be eligible for flexible spending accounts and dependent care benefits.  In some cases, you could even be eligible for tuition reimbursement. This is not true in all cases, but there have been some employees that have gone on to further their education, and Taco Bell has helped them in this regard. Any company that has employees willing to further their education is usually going to have a special program for that. You will want to check with your manager once you get hired about such possibilities for you, if you are interested.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Taco Bell

The first Taco Bell store was opened in 1962, in the city of Downey, California. The founder’s name was Gen Bell. In 1964, Gen Bell sold his very first franchise. By three years later, over a hundred stores were operating throughout the West. In 1970, the business went public. At that time 350 stores were open throughout the nation. Just eight years later, over 850 stores were sold to PepsiCo. In 1997, PepsiCo did a spin off division for restaurants, which included Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and our beloved Taco Bell. This was known as Tricon. Now the company is known as WingStreet. To get started fill out your Taco Bell employment application today!

To access the Taco Bell Online Application directly, click here.

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