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Olive Garden Application

Olive Garden Application    Employment at Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a chain of casual-dining restaurants headquartered in the United States. The chain of restaurants first opened its doors to the public in 1982 and since then has spread to a number of locations worldwide. It is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc. and is responsible for a significant portion of the parent company’s earnings. Olive Garden is rather popular among restaurant goers and consumers love to visit the restaurant not only because of its healthy and delicious food, but also due to its top-notch customer service. Over the years, the restaurant has established a loyal clientele and they were only able to do that by surpassing the levels of customer service expected by the customers.  As a result, Olive Garden would like to continue to do that and are on the lookout for talented and motivated individuals to join their team. Interested applicants, who believe that they have what it takes to be a part of a world-class restaurant, are encouraged to submit the Olive Garden’s job application form.

Individuals from all walks of life are encouraged to submit an application for employment and should not let disabilities or ethnicity get in the way of them applying for a job with Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Online Job Application

The Olive Garden job application form is available to everyone and can be accessed via Olive Garden’s website. A career’s section is accessible via the company’s online landing page and interested applicants can view a number of available job openings. The restaurant chain hires for a number of roles and they are all specified on the career portal.

Download and print the Olive Garden Application here.

Olive Garden Application

Minimum Age for Employment at Olive Garden

The Olive Garden application for employment is open to all candidates who are above the age of 18 and possess a valid work visa. Depending on the country that they are applying for, that is Canada or the United States, the work visa restriction is applicable and candidates must make sure that they are legally allowed to work in the country that they are applying for. Though usually the age limit is 18 years of age.

Olive Garden Hours of Operation

Most Olive Garden restaurants are open Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 10pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 11pm. Employees are offered flexible work schedules and no one is expected to work the 12-hour shift. Furthermore, extended work hours may be introduced during the festive season or depending on the demand.

Entry-Level Olive Garden Careers and Income

An application for Olive Garden’s entry-level positions, such as a team member, can be submitted via their career portal and employees are reimbursed based on the minimum wage laws of the country or the state.  Team members may be required to assume duties such as tending to the bar, the kitchen or waiting on customers. Either way, the label used for entry-level employees is team member and they are all required to operate as a team.

Both full-time and part-time positions may be available and interested applicants are expected to specify the position that they are interested in.  Interested applicants are also required to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements specified in the job listing. If they do not, then they should apply for other roles. Interested applicants are encouraged to develop a proactive approach towards job search and to keep a lookout for openings.

Olive Garden Careers in Management

Apart from entry-level roles, Olive Garden also requires talented and motivated individuals to fill up their managerial positions. Interested applicants, who believe that they have what it takes to work in a competitive restaurant environment, are encouraged to submit the Olive Garden application for employment for a managerial-level job position.

Managers are required to lead and motivate their staff members. Most of the managers at Olive Garden initially started out as entry-level staff and climbed up the corporate ladder. Olive Garden cares deeply for its employees and provides them with a number of professional development opportunities.  As a result, entry-level staff can expect to be promoted to a managerial-level job.

Managers at Olive Garden enjoy attractive pay packages and are paid industry competitive rates. Their pay package also includes perks such as paid leaves and health and life insurance. Most of the managers are hired at a full-time basis and part-time managerial jobs are not available. Usually, each manager is in charge of a full restaurant but a co-manager may also be hired, that is if the restaurant is extremely busy and cannot be managed by one person.

Basic Tips for Applying at Olive Garden

All interested applicants can view the available job openings at Olive Garden by clicking on the Careers tab found on the top of the company’s online landing page. Alternatively applicants can directly access the careers page by clicking on the link available. http://www.olivegarden.com/Careers/

Once on the Careers page, the applicant will have to decide what type of jobs he wishes to apply for, that is, managerial or entry level. There are separate career portals for the different job categories.

The Olive Garden application online form can be used to apply for a variety of jobs and clicking on the team member career portal does not mean that one will not have many choices to choose from.  In fact, team members are subdivided into bartenders, kitchen helpers, cashiers and waiters.  The applicant will have the choice to apply for the role that he or she wishes to apply for.

Applicants are required to sign up for a job application account before they can submit an Olive Garden application form for employment. In this way, Olive Garden can directly contact them if their application is successful.

A resume is mandatory and must be submitted together with the job application. A well-crafted and professional-looking resume can increase the applicants’ chances of being called for an interview and eventually being hired.

Advanced Tips for Applying at Olive Garden

While there is not a limit to the number of positions that an applicant can submit applications for, a general rule of thumb is to apply for 2 to 3 job positions at any given time. Furthermore, applicants should try to alter their resumes for the different positions and should not submit the same resume for every job application.

IT skills are highly valued in the job market of today and interested applicants are expected to have some working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite. This is especially important for people applying for managerial roles, because they will come into contact with technology and may be required to use Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint on a regular basis. As a result, interested applicants are encouraged to invest some time into learning these skills.

One should list their qualifications and skills in their resume and should try to make sure that those are in line with the skills required by the job and listed in the job opening.  Do not try to make your resume overly fancy and stick to the basics by listing your qualifications, skills and employment history.

Olive Garden application for employment is open to all interested applicants, but those below the age of 18 will not be considered for employment and their applications will definitely be rejected.

Benefits at Olive Garden

The company culture at Olive Garden encourages the management to take care of its employees and employees are encouraged to voice their concerns. As a result, open channels of communication are maintained. This also ensures that there is minimum unrest and that workers enjoy a wholesome and satisfying career. Olive Garden also offers a number of career development opportunities to its staff members and may send them for company sponsored courses. Talented candidates may also be promoted to managerial-level positions and all staff members are encouraged to strive for promotion and to grow together with the company.

Olive Garden reimburses its staff members with attractive pay packages. The pay packages include competitive pay rates and benefits such as health insurance and retirement benefits. Paid leaves may also be available but most of the benefits are available for full-time employees only. Part-time staff is encouraged to take on full-time positions in order to be eligible for the benefits. However, part-time staff may enjoy benefits such as employee discounts.

Olive Garden is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against anyone based on his or her race or nationality. Although, applicants must make sure that they have a valid work visa, otherwise their application will be unsuccessful. Diversity is encouraged and people from all walks of life are encouraged to submit the Olive Garden application for employment.

Useful and Interesting Facts about Olive Garden

Many times, interviewers like to question the interviewees onwhat they know about the company that they are applying for. Thus, it is a good interview skill to read up about your prospective employer and to get to know them better. In the case of Olive Garden, this information is available on their website and highlights their company history.  It is useful to know that Olive Garden is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc. and managerial-level candidates may be required to have some information regarding the parent company. Even if the interviewer does not question an applicant about the company, it helps to know something about your employer. It can help one evaluate whether it is the kind of establishment that they wish to associate with. The list below highlights some interesting facts about Olive Garden and its parent company Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Darden Restaurants, Inc. was established in 1968 in Florida and operates a series of successful restaurants. The restaurant chain is highly diversified and operates steakhouses as well as casual dining restaurants.

Darden Restaurants, Inc. decided to launch the Olive Garden chain of restaurants in 1982 and since then they have opened more than 700 Olive Garden restaurants across the globe. Olive Garden offers casual dining experience to customers and offers top-notch customer service.

The first ever Olive Garden branch was opened in Orlando in 1982 and, by 1989, the restaurant had already become extremely popular and there were more than 100 branches across the United States.

One of the most popular Olive Garden branches is located in The Times Square in New York City.

Olive Garden happens to be one of the most successful chains of restaurants under the Darden Restaurants, Inc. corporate umbrella and accounts for a significant portion of their earnings.

Their target market is the health-conscious consumer and Olive Garden is well known for its salads. In fact, their slogan is, “Good times, great salad, Olive Garden.” Over the years, they have managed to establish a loyal customer base who come for the healthy food but stay for the taste.

It was rumored that there is an institute that trains Olive Garden employees and that the institute is located in Tuscany. However, that is not true and they do not have any established institute or university that they send their employees to. They do send their managers for training to Tuscany but they do not attend an institute of any kind.

Though the restaurant has been around for a few decades, they only became a sensation in 2012, when Marilyn Hagerty wrote a column about them. Despite becoming an Internet sensation, the chain of restaurants has not revised its prices and still serves the same great food at reasonable prices.

The company’s current CEO is Clarence Otis, Jr., and the restaurant mainly serves Italian and American cuisine. Their menu includes pasta, chicken, seafood and salad, and they have branded themselves in a way that their salads remain one of the hot favorites among consumers.

Interested applicants, who are looking for a rewarding career in the restaurant industry, are encouraged to submit an Olive Garden application for employment and can expect to join a company that is very sensitive to their employees needs and concerns. Olive Garden offers a nurturing corporate culture and invites all motivated and talented individuals to join their team today.  An employment opportunity with Olive Garden could also serve as a pass to a great career in the restaurant industry.

To access the Olive Garden Online Application directly, click here.

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