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Disney Store Application  Disney Store Application – Employment at Disney Store

If you are looking for a magical career opportunity that will help you to bring a smile to the face of thousands of customers, then the Disney Store employment application is just what you seek to find that perfect job. Disney is one of America’s most loved brands, and has been bringing magic to the lives of children and adults alike for decades. The Disney store is able to bring the fairytales and best-loved characters to life from more than 300 stores across the country.

If you would like to be a part of the dream that is Disney, then complete a Disney Store job application form to get started on a fairytale career.

Disney Store Online Job Application

The Disney Store job application process is now available online, to compliment the Disney online merchandise store. If you would like to work for either the online store or a physical location anywhere across the country, it is now easy to do so by accessing the Disney Store careers website and submitting your application.

Minimum Age for Employment at Disney Store

You have to be at least 18 years old to work at a Disney Store.

Disney Store Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat :  10am – 9pm

Sun:  11am – 6pm

Entry-Level Disney Store Careers and Income

There are a wide range of exciting job opportunities available at Disney stores countrywide – and you don’t need to be experienced in the retail industry either! Entry-level positions including such jobs as store sales assistants, cashiers and customer service representatives require no previous work experience, and you will get comprehensive on-the-job training to ensure that you’re up to Disney’s high standards.

Following are some of the entry-level positions available at Disney stores, as well as how much you can expect to be paid:

Cast Member – $9 / hour

Sales Associate – $8 – $10 / hour

Cashier – $9.50 / hour

To get started in any of these fun-filled positions, be sure to complete the Disney Store application online and be considered for employment immediately!

Disney Store Careers in Management

Disney Store is currently also looking for talented, motivated and experienced employees to take up managerial positions in the company – your Disney Store online application could be the start of a rewarding new profession. Managers at the Disney store are responsible for overseeing the other workers, checking stock, hiring new staff members and delegating duties amongst the staff.

Following are the management positions that can be applied for using the Disney Store application, as well as their average yearly salaries:

Assistant Manager – $33, 400 / year

General Store Manager – $49, 000 / year

District Manager – $76, 000 / year

Basic Tips for Applying at Disney Store

There are several parts to the application for Disney Store. First, you will have to complete the application form online at their careers website. This initial application form serves as a means for the company to gauge how suitable you are for the job, as well as some general information about you such as your previous education and work experience. Remember to provide only accurate information on this form.

Once your application form has been approved, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview where you can really show your worth – be sure to stay calm and collected and show your true self.

Benefits at Disney Store

By working at a Disney store, you are helping to make the magical stories of Walt Disney come to life – but that’s not the only benefit. Besides the fun-filled, relaxed work environment, employees at the Disney Store receive paid on-the-job training, medical insurance, flexible spending accounts and a 401(k) retirement savings plan to secure the future for both themselves and their dependents.

Link to Disney Store’s Career Site

Apply for a job at a Disney Store by clicking HERE.