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H&M Application

H&M Application  H&M Job Application Online

H&M is one of the leaders in clothing retail stores around the country.  If you think you are a good fit for such a job you can fill out an H&M job application and test your proficiency in retail clothing store know how against others who are going for the same position.  What makes you stand out in retail?  Are you good with people and with displaying clothing so that people will be interesting in buying it?  Filling out an H&M online application for employment will defiantly be the deciding factor on how well you will do as an employee of the company.

H&M Application – Employment at H&M

People who love working with people will want to fill out an H&M employment application no matter what kind of experience they have had.  This is a good first job for people who want to really learn the ropes of retail and get their feet wet in fashion as well.  The H&M job application form is pretty straight forward with asking personal information questions, what you do now for work or if you’ve had previous employment.  You will want to be as clear and direct as you can on the application so that you can stand out from others.

H&M Job Online Job Application

With your H&M job application you will want to show off your special skills and talents by filling in the sections asking about such things with that information.  The H&M application online doesn’t offer a huge area to talk about your personal goals and skills but it should be enough that you get your point across.  You will be able to show off for the hiring manager who reads your H&M application online form that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make the customers happy and that you will go above and beyond what is asked of you to ensure that your job is done well the first time you are asked to do something.

Minimum Age for Employment at H&M

As with other retail related jobs you will have to show that you are at least 18 years of age or older. When you are filling out your job application online you will give your birthday and Birth Year then when you come in for your interview you will have to show the proper identification with the same matching Birthday so they know that you are of the proper age.

H&M Store Hours

Most of the retail stores are open during the days of Monday through Saturday from 10am in the morning to 9pm in the evening.  On Sundays the store is open from 12pm Noon in the afternoon to 6pm in the evening.

Entry Level H&M Careers and Income

There is really only one entry level position offered at H&M and that is a sales advisor position.  That means that you will be working with the people, helping them to find exactly what they are looking for. Helping them to try on clothing and also giving advice on accessories that might go with what they have picked out.  You will be folding clothes and also checking them out and working the cash register and anything else that the management team offers you to do during your shift. You will be making the minimum wage offered in your state but if you have prior experience working in retail you might be able to make a bit more money when you start working.

H&M Careers in Management

There are many careers in management working for H&M including things like Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager and Visual Merchandise manager. Then you have the more technical positions including Designers, Buyers, Visual Key Holders, Financial Analysts, and Pricing Analyst and then you’ve got the Compensation Administrators.  All of these positions give a salary pay instead of going with the hourly pay that a sales associate would get paid.

Basic Tips to Apply Online with H&M

When you are filling out the H&M application please make sure that you are filling in all of the spaces that are provided to you.  Do not skip questions or else your application will be incomplete and that could interfere with you getting the job that you are after.  When you are doing the H&M online application it’s a very good idea that you actually cruise around the website for H&M and see what they have to offer, what their policies are and what their mission statement is.

Advanced Tips to Apply Online with H&M

Do your homework and see what it is that the company is looking for in people that actually work for them before filling out your H&M application.  Try to make sure that you actually fit in with the position you are going for and if you do not try to find a position that is more suited to what you not only can do but what you would like to do .  This can turn in to more than just a job for you with a successful H&M online application; it could be a career that you truly stick with the rest of your life and you should treat it as such.

H&M Benefits

When you finish your H&M application you can be sure someone will call you as soon as they want to interview you.  Once you’ve secured your position you can expect to be thrust into a fun and enjoyable fast paced environment with paid training so you get paid to learn what you will be doing in your job. You can be sure they offer a flexible work environment so setting a schedule that is right for you shouldn’t be very hard, especially if you are in school and need to work around that.  Also if you are working full time you can be sure that you’d be able to enjoy their Medical and Dental Programs, Their Employee Assistance Programs and getting a discount on merchandise that is offered in the stores.

Useful and Interesting Facts about H&M

The H&M Company opened its doors for the first time in 1948 in Vasters, Sweden and it only sold women’s clothing.  In 1968 it started selling men’s clothing after acquiring Mauritz Widforss Assets.  H&M Donates regularly back into the community and in 2011 they did a charity event which went to supply AIDS research and spent 25% to actual individuals who were suffering with the AIDS virus.

To access the H&M Online Application directly, click here.

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