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GameStop Application

GameStop Application    Employment at GameStop

GameStop, a Fortune 500 company, is the world’s largest video games retailer that offers games, hardware and accessories for all major gaming platforms including computers, consoles and mobile devices (customers can buy, sell or trade their games). From its corporate headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, GameStop operates 6,627 company stores in the United States and 16 other countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition, the company operates a browser-based game website called Kongregate (which has over 14 million monthly users), Game Informer magazine and a company called Spawn Labs that develops streaming technology. GameStop careers offer a wide number of opportunities, and the potential for career growth with the chance to work overseas makes a GameStop job application a great step in your working future. The company is highly successful and offers a great opportunity for steady employment in a challenging, yet fun work environment.

GameStop Online Job Application

A GameStop job application form is available online at the company website for vacant positions in any location in the United States including the corporate headquarters. To search for job vacancies, you can either select all listings, listings by category (i.e. Accounting and Finance, Distribution, Sales/Game Advisor, Store Management, Store Operations, Loss Prevention, etc.) or narrow your search by choosing both category and location by state. Each job listing contains detailed information on the job location, employment type (full time or part time), job description, job duties and responsibilities along with required education, work experience and qualifications. At the bottom of the webpage is an “Apply” section to submit your GameStop application online form.

To join the talent pool for potential future Store Manager positions, you can also submit a resume via the company website for consideration (the resume will be held on file for 2 years). If applying for a Keyholder or Game Advisor position in a store, there are application and background forms on the website that can be printed, completed and taken directly to a local store.

Minimum Age for Employment at GameStop

To be eligible to work at GameStop in the United States, you must be at least 16 years old. During your GameStop application, you will be required to indicate that you are of an eligible age to work for the company.

GameStop Hours of Operation

The hours of operation for GameStop stores varies from one location to another, particularly when the store is located in a shopping mall where the hours of operation are set by the management of the mall. Typically the stores are open by 10am and close around 9pm (except Sundays where the stores normally open later and close earlier). These hours mean that your GameStop online application can lead to a flexible work schedule. To confirm the hours of operation of a local store, click on the “Find A Store” link at the top of the website and search for the applicable store which will display their operating hours.

Entry-Level GameStop Careers and Income

An application for GameStop for entry-level positions, such as a Game Advisor, will begin at least at the minimum wage for your state (each state has their own designated minimum wage law). Entry-level positions at a GameStop store are listed in the position vacancies and the GameStop application as “Sales/Game Advisor” and will be either a full-time or part-time position. The job responsibilities for this entry-level position will include customer service, merchandising, loss prevention and store operations. GameStop will provide all required training to conduct the required daily activities and meet all requirements of company policy and procedure to ensure the store runs effectively and profitably.

GameStop Careers in Management

Your GameStop employment application opens up a great opportunity for career development and growth. As part of their talent acquisition program, the company offers extensive training and development opportunities and has a strong employee retention focus with the aim of promoting from within to develop a strong and focused team culture. In addition, GameStop also looks to bring in highly-talented individuals from outside the company to further develop the strength and entrepreneurial skills of their workforce. So regardless of whether you are an internal or external candidate, by submitting a GameStop application online, you are assured of being provided the best training possible to equip you with the skills to provide excellent customer service and run an efficient and profitable store along with benefits that suit your level of experience and ability. A management career with GameStop may start as an Assistant Store Manager or in a full Store Manager role. As a Store Manager you are expected to work varied store hours and the salary of the position typically ranges from $28,000 to $55,000 per year plus sales bonuses. Total salary is dependent on your level of experience and the applicable cost of living for your location.

Basic Tips for Applying at GameStop

•   From the GameStop website, click on the “Careers” link at the bottom of the webpage and then select either all listings, listings by category (i.e. Sales/Game Advisor, Store Management, Store Operations, etc.) or narrow your search by choosing both category and a location by state (or you can go straight to the careers page using this link www.gamestop.com/careers).

•   The list of job vacancies near your location will be displayed including the specific location of the games stores where the job is vacant. Click on a job listing link to view the job description, responsibilities, work experience, education and qualifications that are required for the position.

•   To submit a GameStop application form for a vacant position, you can click on the applicable “Apply” link at the bottom of the job description (there are two links, the first is for new resumes, the second is if you have previously set up a job account on the website that includes your personal details and an existing resume). For new resumes, you will be requested to upload or copy the resume.

•   You will then complete a series of online forms with your contact information, job preferences, work authorization status (eligible to work in the United States, 16 years or older, etc.), education, profile attachments (such as a cover letter), resume content and equal employment opportunity information.

•   Complete all the required information and submit the application to start your new career at GameStop.

Advanced Tips for Applying at GameStop

If your GameStop application is for a management role or more senior position outside of a store role, your application is likely to include a requirement for additional information such as a pre-employment questionnaire to obtain additional information on your work experience. Otherwise, for all management applications, you should submit a resume to highlight your work experience and achievements. If you do not already have a resume, templates can be obtained online or from word processor programs. The basics of a resume should include your contact information, work experience, skills, education, qualifications and your reference contacts in a professional-looking format. Make the information you submit as relevant as possible to the position you are applying for to ensure the recruiters can see straight away that you are the right person for the job!

Benefits at GameStop

A successful GameStop application provides you with a wide variety of benefits that add to the fun casual environment of working in a place that revolves around video games. You receive a 15% discount for in-store purchases along with other benefits that include a 401(k) retirement plan, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, disability benefits (company paid), tuition reimbursement and, where applicable, sales bonuses. In addition, you will receive training and work experience that will allow you to continue your career development and the ability to apply for other positions within the company or seek promotion opportunities to management positions.

Useful and Interesting Facts about GameStop

Before you attend an interview with GameStop, it will really benefit you to know some useful information and facts about the company so you can display some knowledge of their operations and show you are interested in the company. You can then also discuss how your experience and skills fit into the business and how they can help contribute to the success of the company. This will greatly help you during the interview process to impress the interviewers. You can find a lot of information about the history and corporate culture of GameStop from their website (click on the “Corporate” link at the bottom of their main webpage) along with other internet resources. Some useful information includes:

•   GameStop was formed in 1996 as a small software retailer in Texas called Babbage’s. A series of mergers lead the company to be known as Babbage’s Etc. LLC.

•   The company was sold to Barnes and Noble in 1999 and was renamed GameStop in 2000.

•   In 2004, GameStop left Barnes and Noble through a buyback of 6 million shares.

•   In 2005, GameStop purchased competitor Electronics Boutique (EB Games).

•   In 2007, GameStop purchased Rhino Video Games (then owned by Blockbuster).

•   GameStop operates 6,627 company owned stores in 17 countries.

•   The culture of the company is customer centered, with a competitive mindset, hands-on leadership and one that sees change as an opportunity.

Submitting an application to work for GameStop is a step to a great career with a lot of potential for career development and growth. Apart from the benefits the company offers, you also get to work in a fun, team-oriented video games environment!

To access the GameStop Online Application directly, click here.

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